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Application for a Discretionary Housing Payment

We may pay discretionary housing payments to people who receive Housing Benefit and need extra help to pay their rent. Discretionary Housing Payment is paid as a top up if the amount of Housing Benefit you receive is not enough to meet the amount of rent you are charged. The amount of Discretionary Housing Payment you receive will not exceed the amount of rent you are charged.

We will only pay you a discretionary housing payment if we think that you need financial help. Discretionary Housing Payment is short term only. 

There are limited funds available to make discretionary housing payments.

A discretionary housing payment is not a payment of Housing Benefit.

We may need to contact you on the phone for further information prior to making our decision, or we may invite you in for an appointment if we are unable to contact you on the phone.

We will hold the information you give us on the Housing Benefit computer system. We will keep all the information confidential, but may give some information to organisations that are legally entitled to it.

If you have any questions about completing this form please contact us on 01702 215001.
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