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Post-16 Discretionary Transport Assistance Request


Things you will need to complete this form:

School/College Address and Postcode

Subject/Qualification – BTEC/A Level/NVQ and Level of Study

Details of  any benefits you may receive – to check the low income criteria please click here 


PLEASE NOTE: Eligibility for Home to School/College transport assistance is processed by the Local Authority where you live now where your school/college is.

Please exit this form using the 'Cancel' button at the bottom of this form.


If you answered Yes to both the questions above, please do not proceed any further. You will need to complete a Getting To School Post 16 form. Please download it from our website.

Please click here to download the form.

PLEASE NOTE: Transport assistance within the Southend / Rochford / Castle Point area is only available to those from a low income family or those who have or have previously had a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

Please exit this form using the 'Cancel' button at the bottom of this form.

PLEASE NOTE: We will only provide transport assistance to the nearest establishment offering the course to be studied or 50% of multi-subject courses. If you still believe you are eligible for assistance please continue with this form.
I am aware that I will have to make a parental contribution (equivalent to the cost of an Octopus annual bus pass - £520 in 2012/13) to the cost of the transport? *
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